Letter from the President

New East Guidelines for 2020 season

UpdatedFriday May 22, 2020 byDavid McDonald.

To All of our East Families:

            As the start of practice and games draw near we have been working behind the scenes trying to put together a set of guidelines that will enable our families to be safe as we ramp up and start play. The following is a list of guidelines that will allow us to still play and have a great summer.

Spectators and Guardians

  • Each Parent or Guardian will be required to sign a waiver for themselves and the player.  Players will not be allowed to practice until the waiver is turned into the head coach.  Please bring them with you to the first practice.
  • We ask that families only bring immediate family members to the games. If you have other siblings and there is an option to leave them at home please do so.  Only 1 parent/guardian per player may attend practices.
  • If you or anyone in you immediate family answers yes to any of the following symptoms in the last 72 hours we ask that you stay at home.         
    • Fever or Chills
    • Cough (other than allergy)
    • Shortness of breathe
    • New loss of smell or taste
  • If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive or is awaiting results of a COVID 19 test, we ask that you stay away for 14 days or the test comes back negative.
  • You will be asked to follow social distance while at the park according to the standards put out by the health organizations. Families will be allowed to be seated together but we ask that there is at least 6 feet between each family.
  • We ask that parents bring chairs and sit along the baselines and outfield areas as the players will be utilizing the bleachers for extra space this year. The bleachers will be closed for all except player overflow.
  • Playgrounds will be closed this year.
  • Games will be played from June 14th to July 31st.  The games will be scheduled Monday through Thursday, with Friday used for rainouts.
  • Some divisions have an adjusted game schedule.  Please see your head coach for the game schedule.
  • Please monitor all social distancing guidelines while waiting in line at the concession stand.  The main concession stand will be the only concession in use.
  • Parents may be asked to help volunteer as dugout monitors to help facilitate player interaction and sanitizing.

Coaches and Players/ Field Procedures

  • During games and practices we ask that you abide by social distancing rules staying at least 6ft apart.
  • Dugouts need to be limited to 3 players with 6ft between them. Remaining players will spread out in designated areas. Those areas are as follows:
    • Major/Minor players will be asked to spread out into the bullpens or bleachers.
    • T-ball, 5/6 & 7/8 players will use the bleachers outside their respective dugouts.
  • There will be no seeds or gum allowed in the park this year.
  • We ask that all players have their own hand sanitizer for use during practice and games and not share with another player.
  • Please note it is basically impossible to sanitize a baseball without it getting very saturated and heavy.  Thus, there are no changes planned for the handling of game balls.
  • There will not be a catcher fielding position for 5/6 or 7/8.
  • We will be changing the umpire format.  There will be 1 umpire for each division except Pony.  Pony will have 2 umpires.
  • Coaches need to make sure players are spread out for end of game meeting.
  • Coaches should space out practice stations to allow social distancing.
  • Players, coaches or any volunteer helping the team need to wash hands before stepping onto the field for practice or games.
  • No sharing of equipment this year.  Each player should have their own bat, helmet, glove, etc.  For catchers gear we will provide 2 sets for each team in Major/Minor only and there will not be a catcher in other leagues. Each coach or assistant will need to sanitize the gear in the event there is a change at that position.
  • Coaches will disinfect the dugout and all surfaces with sanitizing spray prior to your game and players must sanitize before entering the dugout.
  • Coaches will not exchange lineup cards but rather text the opposing coach their lineup for scorebook purposes.
  • Players or coaches will not give high fives or have celebratory contact with another player.
  • At the end of the game players will not shake hands rather just line up down the foul lines and tip the cap as a sign for a good game.


  • There will only be one parent/volunteer working in the concession at any time.  Coaches will ask for 1 volunteer at each game.
  • We will only serve drinks (water, soda and Gatorade) this year.
  • Workers will be asked to wear a mask and gloves during their shift.
  • Concession will be sanitized after each night.
  • Worker will be required to wash their hands frequently.


  • Will be open and sanitized daily.
  • There will also be 5 foot activated handwashing stations around the park for your convenience as well.



David McDonald

President, East Youth Baseball


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