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On August 17, 1951, Articles of Incorporation of Evansville Little League Baseball, Inc. were filed with the State of Indiana. Voting members consisted of the incorporates who paid an assessment of $500 each to the corporation for its charitable purposes. The original Board of Directors of Evansville Little League Baseball, Inc. consisted of:

  • Ferris Traylor
  • John W. Krueger
  • Charles H. Holsclaw
  • Robert C. Enlow
  • Joseph E. O'Daniel
  • Kenneth C. Kent
  • Louis Harpole
  • John E. Early.

On May 19, 1981, the Articles of Incorporation were amended to change the name to Evansville Youth Baseball, Inc. The Board of Directors oversaw the operations of four separate baseball leagues: North, South, East, and West. Evansville West discontinued operations after the 2007 season. Then, on August 31, 2008, the Board of Directors officially disbanded and left North, South, and East to govern themselves. Since September 1, 2008, Evansville East Youth Baseball has been run and governed by it's own elected Board of Directors.